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An Object At Rest – Graeme Hindmarsh Re-score – Zurich 5th International Film Music Competition 2016

Ekleyen / 01 Oca 2023 tarihinde yayınlandı

Many thanks to Seth Boyden for allowing me to post my re-score of the soundtrack for his delightful short animated film, An Object At Rest. The original, with score by Julian Beutel, can be found at

If you enjoyed the music please consider supporting my work by buying the soundtrack, “Paleo”, or sharing the video with friends. Or you could Buy Me A Coffee! Thank you!

Single out now and available for digital download from :
iTunes –
Amazon –
… and most music download services.

Also available for streaming from most services including Spotify, Pandora, Tidal, etc.
Music software used was Logic Pro with samples from VSL.

More of my music can be found at
Music for this version of the soundtrack ©Graeme Hindmarsh 2016.

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