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GTA San Andreas 2 – Imagining CJ Returns to the Grove Street After 30 Years! l Concept

Ekleyen / 05 Kas 2022 tarihinde yayınlandı

Imagining GTA San Andreas 2 – CJ Returns to Grove Street After 30 Years – Unreal Engine 5 Exclusive Short Film

Fans have long wished to see CJ again in the San Andreas sequel, Although this sequel may never happen, we can at least imagine it
The 55-year-old CJ can once again return to Grove Street, a street that no longer has its former vitality and its residents have Gone.

This video can also be a tribute to the memories of us gamers from this unique game, we hope you enjoy it.

Defining the concept and purpose of making this video:
“Therefore it’s purpose us reconstruction of an unofficial universe parallel in the original and also the expansion of fans contact with the work they appreciate to more extensive limits”

* Rockstar Disclaimer: This is not a Game, it’s just a Concept (Fan-Made) trailer to show the power of Unreal Engine 5 and we have no plans to release this *

Created By TeaserPlay

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