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Siren Head™ – Photorealistic Horror Game In Unreal Engine 5 l Concept Trailer

Ekleyen / 05 Kas 2022 tarihinde yayınlandı

Imagining a Siren Head Game in Unreal Engine 5 | TeaserPlay’s Concept Trailer

Sirens is still popular and scary enough to expect a AAA horror game from it
many small games have been made based on the character, but this time we tried to imagine a realistic graphic for its possible game. hope you enjoy!

Use headphones for a better experience

This video is made by a fan with limited facilities and not going to be a game, it’s just a recreation of how fans imagine the possible game

Defining the concept and purpose of making this video:
“Therefore it’s purpose us reconstruction of an unofficial universe parallel in the original and also the expansion of fans contact with the work they appreciate to more extensive limits”

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